Building a strong marriage doesn’t happen by accident or default. Even as a well-built house must first have carefully designed blueprints, a strong foundation, and a competent builder, even so, a strong marriage can only be the product of the blueprint of the Bible, the foundation of Jesus Christ, and the daily guiding of God’s Holy Spirit. The classes and activities of the couples department will help to build and strengthen your marriage and will teach the proven Bible principles for making your marriage a life-long and joyful relationship.


You will have the opportunity to attend a Christian Marriage Retreat that is sure to help build and strengthen the most important human relationship in life - your marriage. Every February we head to Newport Beach for practical sessions and messages from guest speakers and from Pastor Chappell. This is always an encouraging and helpful time for married couples of all ages.

Relationship Counseling

If you or someone you know is currently struggling with relationship challenges, there are trained counselors at Lancaster Baptist who have counseled many others and would love to help you in your relationship.

Couples Classes

Class Name Class Leaders Class Location Lifestage
First Love Tyler and Ayla Johnson Modular G2 Couples 18-29 Interested?
New Journeys Thomas and Kari Shepherd Revels 204 Couples 18-29 Interested?
Renovate Jacob and Liz Bundy Modular J2 Couples 18-29 Interested?
Higher Ground Andrew and Debbie Jones West Wing 209 Couples 18–34 Interested?
His Design Gabriel and Susanah Ruhl North Auditorium Couples 25-34 Interested?
Devoted Tobi and Brandy England Revels 303 Couples 30-39 Interested?
Cornerstone Couples Larry and Amy Cox Modular G1 Couples 35-44 Interested?
CrossWalk John and Deanna Williams Revels 308 Couples 35-44 Interested?
Family Legacy Jeff and Laura Craig Revels 101 Couples 40-49 Interested?
Grounded Generations Chuck and Marie McKinley Modular D1 Couples 40-49 Interested?
Homebuilders Jerry and Bonnie Ferrso Revels 102 Couples 40-49 Interested?
Marriage Makers Gary and Melissa Spaeth Modular F1 Couples 40-49 Interested?
Victory Couples Chris and Lisa Hale Modular A1 Couples 40-49 Interested?
Family Foundations Rick and Kathy Houk Revels 207 Couples 45 and over Interested?
Open Door Tim and Debbie McDonald Revels 302 Couples 50-59 Interested?
Navigators Randy and Denise Wells Revels 305 Military Couples Interested?