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Lancaster Baptist Youth Sports is the perfect opportunity for your children to improve their sports skills. In this fun, family-friendly environment, your child will get to participate in practices and games that will sharpen their talents as an athlete. This affordable program will give your child the chance to learn how to work as a team side-by-side with their peers. The coaches will be positive role models who will not only train your children how to develop new skills, but also how to develop character traits that will help them on and off the court. Lancaster Baptist Youth Sports believe that sports can be more than just an active pastime; they can be a tool to develop leadership and character in the next generation. Sign up today to register your spot in LBYS!


Girls Volleyball League
Grades 3rd-8th | $55 per player
  • June 14 Registration Ends
  • June 24-28 from 8AM - 12 PM Volleyball Games

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