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Weekend Activities


In a society where peer pressure is strong and faith is opposed, it is always rejuvenating to come apart and have some fun with Christian friends. Nearly every Friday or Saturday throughout the year, the young adult classes go out, whether on a hike in the mountains or a trip to Valencia. Whatever the activity, you will quickly connect with other young adults in a great environment.

Weekly Activities



Throughout the course of the year, the Young Adults spend a few days in one of Southern California’s many destinations to hang out and and hear challenging messages from the Bible. We all need a recharge, and you probably aren’t any different- so come be a part of one of these times for refreshment.


Gabe Ruhl

Executive Pastor

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Young Adult Classes


Peer pressure is strong. Singles have challenges and struggles that can only be answered from God’s Word. Singles need direction and wisdom. You need friends that help and strengthen you along the way. You need influences that encourage purity rather than robbing it. All of this and more can be found in the singles’ ministries at Lancaster Baptist Church. With weekly classes and activities, the single adults at Lancaster Baptist are growing together as believers in Christ.

Singles 18-21
Singles 22–25
Jeremy and Alyssa Lofgren
Class Leaders
Singles 26-35
Mike and Jenni Lester
Mike and Jenni Lester
Class Leaders


Get a biblical perspective on the decisions you face. Our ministry leaders are available to meet with you and talk about your major life decisions. Contact us to setup and appointment and we'll be glad to help.

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