Family Foundations

Family Foundations

Couples 45 and over

Sundays at 10:00 am in Revels 207

The Family Foundations Class, established in January 1990, is striving to maintain strong biblical foundations for today’s families. It is primarily for couples, ages 40-50, although there are younger couples who are members of our class, desiring to gleen from experience of those who have raised their children and are now grandparents. Class activities and home fellowships create a strong unity in our class.

Teaching Series

Journeys of Faith

The Christian life is a journey of faith—a process of growing, one step at a time. Many Christians experience failure, frustration, and even despair on their faith-journey. Many give up too soon and lose sight of God's promises. Too many Christians see their journey as merely the passing of time, rather than a "journey of faith."

In this thirteen-lesson study, Dr. Paul Chappell re-examines thirteen great Bible characters—each at a critical and memorable moment of faith. At every point of crisis, faith pressed on, and God came through. As twenty-first century Christians, we often fail to make the connection to our own present-day "journeys of faith."

These lessons will challenge your faith by examining the great faith of others! The God Who blessed the faith of great Bible characters, still blesses our faith today. He still delights when we trust Him. Adults and teens alike will enjoy every lesson in this study, and every student will grow in faith as a result of these great Bible stories re-visited!