Open Door

Open Door

Couples 50-59

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in Revels 204

God's door is open to you! Beyond its threshold, you will find His love, forgiveness, restoration, fullness, joy, and peace -- all the things the human spirit truly needs in this life and the next. We explore and celebrate this wonderful truth in the Open Door Class. We're an eclectic, cross-generational group, ranging in age from the mid-30's to mid-70's. Some have young children, and some are experienced grandparents, but all have a love for the Lord, a love for His Word -- and a Christian love for each other. We invite you to join us and grow in His grace and truth today!

Teaching Series

Freedom from Bondage

Freedom from Bondage: Experience the Deliverance God Gives His People

The Israelites were trapped. Behind them was a mighty Egyptian army. Ahead of them lay the wide, impassable waters of the Red Sea. The stage was set for a miracle. At the precise moment, God parted the waters, led His people safely on dry land across the sea, and destroyed their enemies.

Through the great events of the Exodus, God weaves a story of His deliverance and faithfulness. He brought His people out of slavery, provided for them as they journeyed through the wilderness, and ordered their steps into the Promised Land.

Are you facing an impossible situation? Do you wonder if there is any way out of your difficulty, suffering, or sin? Maybe you fear you are beyond God’s mercy. If you feel trapped or enslaved, the story of Exodus is for you. God has already worked out a plan to deliver you; all you need to do is trust and follow Him.

The God who parted the Red Sea for the Israelites is the same God who goes before you and with you each step of life’s unpredictable journey. In this ten-lesson study, learn how God designs our obstacles as opportunities to display His overcoming power. And experience the deliverance only He can give.

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Tim and Debbie McDonald

Tim and Debbie McDonald