Sermon Outline

Title: History's Greatest Summit Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Don Sisk

Bible Reference: Matthew 28:5-10


1. The Great Gathering
A. Not Because of the Size
B. Because of Who Was There
C. Because of the Purpose
D. Because of What Happened after the Meeting

2. The Great Proclamation 
A. It Was Unique
B. Without It, Verses 18–19 Would Be Impossible
C. Because They Became a Reality

3. The Great Promise
A. We Are Working with Omnipotence
B. We Can Do Everything He Commanded

4. The Great Commandment
A. Make Disciples
B. Win Souls
C. Baptize Them
D. Teach Them to Do What You Were Taught to Do

5. How Can We Fulfill the Great Commission?
A. We All Must Go (Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8)
B. We All Must Pray (Hebrews. 4:15-16)
C. We All Must Give (2 Corinthians 9:7)