Easter Services


In the entire chronicle of human history, there is no account, no narrative, no event like this one. It has no equal. It has literally become our dividing point for time itself. For the past twenty centuries, the account of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth has brought hope, forgiveness, and peace to the lives of countless thousands. The compelling narrative of Christ’s triumph over death has reached across time and geographic borders to bring comfort healing and restoration. It is a true story with immeasurable power, and we invite you to experience that story with us on Easter weekend at Lancaster Baptist Church.

Three Powerful Worship Services

2014 Easter - April 19 v2
2014 Easter - April 20 v2


Your heart will be stirred and inspired by the presentation in song from Lancaster Baptist's choir, orchestra and vocalists, as we worship together.

2014 Easter - Music


You will hear a compelling message prepared and presented by Pastor Paul Chappell about the power of the resurrection and what it means to you personally.

2014 Easter - Message


You will experience engaging video visually telling the story of the life of Christ produced by the Lancaster Baptist media team.

2014 Easter - Media 2